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for BABIES, TODDLERS, PRESCHOOLERS, and the grown-ups who love them!


So Much More than Mommy and Me!

Babies begin to hear in the womb, so they are already attuned to musical sounds—especially the voice of a parent singing! Just as you have the joy of teaching your baby to talk by talking with him, you have the joy of teaching your baby to sing and dance by singing and dancing with him. With Music Together, you will have the profound satisfaction of bonding with your baby musically while supporting your baby's language, cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development. Read more about how Music Together supports your baby’s brain development (PDF) and the parent-child relationship (PDF)

Toddlers learn by watching others and by playing and experimenting. Just imagine how much they could learn in a music class where children from birth to age 5 are all participating at their own levels—singing, moving, listening, observing, and exploring musical instruments in a welcoming and supportive environment! Researchers have found that grouping together children of varying ages fosters natural, family-style learning. Younger children enjoy watching and imitating older ones; older children learn by leading younger ones; and adults are happy because their children can go to class together. 

Preschoolers enter a musically rich environment that welcomes their participation, however they choose to engage with it. With songs in a range of musical styles from lyrical to blues and world music to folk, Music Together stimulates and supports your three-, four-, or five-year-old's growing musical creativity, enthusiasm, and skills. When your child is young, music has tremendous power to enhance, not only their love of music and the joy it brings, but also their overall development. Just as music integrates mind, body, and emotions, music learning supports all learning® (PDF)

Families of Children with Special Needs often say Music Together classes fill their desire for a welcoming, community-based experience the whole family can enjoy. In all of our family classes, music is learned through developmentally appropriate activities that support and respect everyone's learning style. Everyone is encouraged to participate and respond in their own unique way, so children with special needs fit right in. Families preferring a smaller, more intimate classroom environment may attend a Supportive Family Class, which offers all of the same experiences-- songs, chants, movement, instrument play, and dancing-- but with fewer children. The Supportive Family Class is taught by Angela Ryles, an experienced music therapist.

You can enjoy making Music Together® regardless of your own musical abilities! The delight of a Music Together class is seeing how truly responsive to music babies and young children are and discovering how to recognize and support their naturally developing music behaviors as a life skill.  And any or all of your child's caregivers—parents, grandparents, nannies—can share in the experience, both in class and at home. We know your family will enjoy listening to the take-home CD as you add new family-friendly songs to your repertoire and learn to incorporate music-making in your family's every day life.

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